Canada Faces A New Oil Price ‘’Blowout’

As Canada struggles to transport it’s oil, shipments by rail are increasing as production levels rise and govt cuts are lifted. Alberta lifted it’s production limits for additional oil shipped by rail, helping ease pipeline woes, but is it enough? This article from highlights the pipeline woes still affectingRead More

Investing in conventional drilling projects

If you ever considered investing in oil and gas but were put off by the conflicting views on shale, maybe it’s time to consider investing in independent, conventional, vertical well drilling project opportunities. Lower costs, long-term revenue and working in partnership with smaller independents presents an attractive opportunity for accreditedRead More

Permian Basin drilling decline

Conventional drilling programs have been in decline since the shale boom began, but the decline in shale production and shale wells aging out at a quicker pace make new conventional well projects an attractive proposal for investors looking to get started in oil and and gas. The costs are lower,Read More

Protests over New Mexico public land lease sale, February 2020

After the BLM recently voluntarily suspended a number of previously approved leases pending further investigation following a court ruling against them in an other case… investors would be justified in being skittish about investing in projects situated on public land leases. The article below from the Carslbad Current Argus showsRead More

Why ‘Base Decline’ should matter to oil and gas investors.

When you are looking into investment opportunities in oil and gas, especially in areas like the Permian Basin known for their unconventional drilling… ie Shale, the base decline numbers should be taken into consideration. The Business Wire article below gives insight into the difference between conventional and unconventional plays inRead More

US oil Exports rising ahead of IMO 2020

New rules set to go into effect in the coming weeks are already having a positive affect on US oil imports to Europe. The new rule which limits the amount of sulfur allowed in fuel burned by maritime vessels means there are less vessels in compliance and climbing shipping ratesRead More

Permian Basin oil and gas support systems on the rise

Another sign the oil and gas industry is not slowing down in the New Mexico Permian Basin are the new power sources coming online this year and next year. Due to the size and growth in the area additional sources and power lines are expected to come online in 2020.Read More

Looking ahead to 2020 crude oil prices

The recent OPEC cuts seem to be rallying optimism in the price of crude oil in 2020. The last quarter of 2019 has definitely been a roller coaster with fears over the trade wars with China, uncertainty in OPECs pending decision over member quotas, Canadian companies hotfooting it to TexasRead More

Oh Canada! Oil & Gas woes continue

I ran across this 3 part series covering the exodus of Albertans in the oil and gas industry to Texas. Recent pipeline woes and lack of new infrastructure, combined with the added burdens on the industry is creating an exodus south to areas like Houston, Texas. Texas cities are activelyRead More

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