ONRR reports $11.69 billion revenue disbursement

Revenues from energy development on Federal lands increased by over $2.5 billion to more than $11.5 billion, a boost that states are sure to appreciate…. especially residents of New Mexico. New Mexico who received the highest disbursement, announced plans to use oil and natural gas revenues for education. ” GovernorRead More

Oil Set for Biggest Weekly Gain in Over a Month

North Sea Forties oil pipeline system suffered a temporary power loss and US crude and petroleum inventories dropped to levels we haven’t seen since the 2nd Quarter of 2019. West Texas Intermediate “WTI” Prices are up 4.2% this week, Brent is 3.5% higher this week. Well that’s a great wayRead More

U.S. crude oil production up 150%, exports up, imports down.

Independence from foreign Oil and Gas imports and increased domestic production of Oil & Gas has been a goal since the 70’s. Export numbers are up, OPEC import numbers are down and Canada is gaining where OPEC dropped. With imports from Canada almost doubling in the last decade and themRead More

Major Oil price rally coming?

According to Nick Cunningham’s article “Goldman: A Major Oil Price Rally Is On The Horizon” on Oilprice.com, that would be a yes! It’s not going to happen tomorrow, the article includes quotes from Goldman Sachs regarding the growth slowdown in Shale production and investment in long-term projects and the potentialRead More

The GOP Tax Bill Is A Big Win For U.S. Oil And Gas

So two years later (nearing December 2019) insider investors by the thousands have received their ( “likened to rebates — ??”) returns in the form of tax savings when they directly participated in an oil or gas well in the United States. Additional benefits from joining in the growth toRead More

Big isn’t always better in Oil & Gas Investment

An interesting article on Oilprice.com by Alex Kimani discussing current investment news and projects and whether investing in the big name companies, aka ‘Supergiants’ like Exxon and Chevron V the smaller Independents is a sound move. It would seem the preference is for new investing within smaller companies where investorsRead More

Conventional oil and gas investing and long term supply

The long term benefits of investing in conventional drilling exploration projects, seems pretty clear in this article on rigzone.com. “an unconventional oil well might experience a 60-percent depletion rate in its first year of production. In contrast, the depletion rate for a conventional well during the same period might beRead More

U.S. Oil Jobs under pressure

Nothing is ever black and white, earlier this week I read an article about the lack of legal workers making it hard for oil companies to find adequate labor and they were having to leave equipment sitting idle. Many are forced to hire undocumented workers willing to do jobs othersRead More

California Governor signs new bill limiting development

According to a new article in the LA Times, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill this weekend; introduced by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, this bill counters the recent Trump administration plans to increase oil and gas production in areas of California. Additionally a new law renaming the California Agency thatRead More

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