Permian Basin conventional drilling on the rise?

Img Source: Houston Chronicle It’s a fact that most drilling projects have been horizontal, unconventional of late and the number of conventional, vertical wells has been in decline. I mentioned in a previous post conventional-oil-and-gas-investing-and-long-term-supply how the lack of conventional projects was predicted to lead to shortages later on downRead More

Berkeley, CA sued over gas ban

Having lived in California; this gas ban neither surprises me, nor makes much sense. I could perhaps understand a city issuing a ban, or regulations for safety reasons…after all California is earthquake country. But to ban gas in new buildings to supposedly “protect Berkeley’s businesses and consumers from having toRead More

The future of natural gas

As the debate on renewable energy continues to rage, Natural Gas is certainly making a splash. Currently third, the US could become the largest LNG exporter within five years. In the past decade US gas production has risen over 60 percent to 93 Bcf/d and the shale boom is creditedRead More

The future of fossil fuels

It is definitely a hot topic of late, and undoubtedly will be for some time. The article below takes a look at the long-term prospects for oil and gas and the investment in renewable energy needed to even reach a target of 30% of energy supply…. let alone the dreamRead More

Oil Rises as Key US Storage Hub Shows Biggest Draw in Months

by  Bloomberg|Jacquelyn Melinek|Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (Bloomberg) — Oil jumps the most since the first of the month as American crude stockpiles at a key storage hub shrank by the most since August. Futures rose 3.4% in New York, the biggest gain since Nov. 1. The Energy Information Administration reportedRead More

Another blow for Canadian Oil

As if the Canadian oil and gas industry didn’t have enough problems with transporting product… now they have a threatened rail strike looming. It would seem they are caught between a rock and a hard place following the govt’s announcement that beginning in December they were allowing companies to produceRead More

Permian Basin leading the pack in production growth.

According to the EIA US oil and gas production is expected to maintain growth through 2030 and remain the “fastest and greatest in the world”. US production is expected to account for 85 % of global oil production growth until 2030. With production increase numbers for the Permian Basin projectedRead More

Canada oil & gas pipeline woes continue…but

It’s no big surprise to anyone following oil & gas news that Canada has been suffering from pipeline restrictions and really needs to expand to handle the supply. Last weeks oil spill highlighted the need for new infrastructure in the Canadian Oil & Gas field. The Keystone pipeline which runsRead More

Green Light for additional Permian Basin Gas Pipelines

WhiteWater Midstream revealed its plan to go ahead with the Agua Blanca pipeline expansion this week. Along with venture partner and investors, WhiteWater approved the pipeline expansion which is expected to more than double the pipelines capacity to shift Natural Gas in the region. Earlier in the year the WhistlerRead More

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