Canada oil & gas pipeline woes continue…but

It’s no big surprise to anyone following oil & gas news that Canada has been suffering from pipeline restrictions and really needs to expand to handle the supply. Last weeks oil spill highlighted the need for new infrastructure in the Canadian Oil & Gas field. The Keystone pipeline which runsRead More

Green Light for additional Permian Basin Gas Pipelines

WhiteWater Midstream revealed its plan to go ahead with the Agua Blanca pipeline expansion this week. Along with venture partner and investors, WhiteWater approved the pipeline expansion which is expected to more than double the pipelines capacity to shift Natural Gas in the region. Earlier in the year the WhistlerRead More

Demand outlook improves & oil holds recent gains

After weeks of fluctuations…. Oil held recent price gains, and the market welcomed the news that a partial trade deal with China was looking promising. ” U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Sunday in Bangkok that the U.S. and China would likely reach a “phase one” trade agreement this month.”Read More

British fracking ban halts activities

It would seem that the British aren’t as accommodating to the Shale fracking Industry as the US and it’s getting plenty of attention, even overseas. England just followed in Scotland’s foot steps and issued a fracking ban of it’s own. There will be no new drill permits issued. With muchRead More

Party members divided on drilling ban agenda

Not all party members are thrilled by the Presidential hopefuls plans to ban drilling on Federal lands. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico’s governor is one of them. She plans to request a waiver should one of their party win the presidential election and the ban is put into effect.Read More

Natural Gas Exports doubled in 2019

Gas exports continue to grow as new pipelines come online and future pipeline expansions to Mexico are expected at the later end of 2019 and into 2020. ” U.S. exports of LNG jumped by 37 percent in the first half of 2019 “ The U.S. Just Doubled Its Natural GasRead More

Ghawar Vs Permian Basin

An interesting article from earlier this year about Ghawar, the largest conventional onshore oil field…. losing its title of the world’s top-producing oil field to our Permian Basin. The numbers on both fields is impressive, but the Permian Basin has claimed it’s spot as the world’s top producer. The PermianRead More

Permian Basin Stacked Pay

And…..these guys were spot on, and the Permian is indeed the gift that just keeps on giving, and giving, and giving — like no other oil province in the world. Over two years ago: Explaining The Permian Scramble Christopher HelmanForbes Staff GUEST POST WRITTEN BY James L. Rice III andRead More

Shale Q3 reports, more bad news expected.

With the latest round of quarterly reports looming, the results don’t look promising for some Shale companies. Oil & Gas prices haven’t rebounded the way everyone expected and hoped for and the rig count dropped once again. The Oil investment sector are dropping Shale projects, banks are pulling credit linesRead More

Rig count drops again…. but

New rigs were also added, so it’s not ALL doom and gloom. Various reports seem to suggest these numbers may not be as accurate as they appear and may not be taking in to account uncompleted projects that were drilled simply to meet deadlines and extensions. Shale is obviously seeingRead More

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